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Business Center Paris 

AllOfficecenters.fr provides you with a complete overview of all Business Centers in Paris.

Pick the Business Center which suit your requirements and collect them in a favourites list by clicking on the “Request information & prices” button. You can choose as many objects as you like to make the comparison easier. The “Details” button gives more detailed information on the selected object.

Then fill in the contact details form (above “Favourites” in the top right corner) and you will shortly receive all the information on your chosen business centers.

100 % Free and without obligation

Object no.: 
20 sqm to 500 sqm
The neighborhood of Le Marais exudes old-world charm and modern-day functionality right in the city’s core—a perfect home for growing your business. Sitting on three...
Lounge business center Paris
Object no.: 
20 sqm to 500 sqm
Delivering a prime address in one of the most sought-after locations in Paris, this Place de l'Europe coworking space is the place to be for established businesses and...
Lounge business center Paris
Object no.: 
8 sqm to 15 sqm
This business center is located at the gates of Paris ( Saint-denis), 500 m from the Stadium of France. Completely renovated, it offers rents of offices of various sizes...
Object no.: 
20 sqm to 500 sqm
Situated in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood near the sprawling lawns of Champ de Mars, their coworking space in Grenelle holds an undeniable appeal for growing...
Kitchen business center Paris
Object no.: 
500 sqm to 500 sqm
This center center is a collaborative place of 500m² based on an open and multidisciplinary community. Located in Paris near famous “Buttes Chaumont” park and “Place des...
Coworking space coworking center Paris
Object no.: 
8 sqm to 100 sqm
The neighborhood of Champs-Élysées is infused with history, opulence, and style, so it only makes sense that Colisée brings all these elements into one breathtaking...
Meeting room in business center Paris
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 20 sqm
This 620 sqm Loft located in the center of Paris is hosting up to 90 co-workers and is the place for many events, conferences, meetings, workshops where the key players...
Comfortable lounge in business center Paris
Object no.: 
8 sqm to 100 sqm
If you’re looking for a space where you can meet lots of other enthusiastic and forward-thinking people, this is your right place. In this office center you have the...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 40 sqm
Idéalement situé entre l’Arc de Triomphe et la place du Trocadéro , le centre d’affaires vous propose des solutions flexibles pour la location de bureaux et de salles de...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 38 sqm
In a pleasant and spacious environment, near the Seine, enjoy an excellent professional environment and a range of services to be immediately operational.
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 160 sqm
This business centre offers an extensive range of spaces . The offices and meeting rooms are designed to meet today's technological requirements, yet the traditional...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 80 sqm
This business centre is located on the 5th floor of the prestigious Louis Vuitton building, offering you the best address on the Champs Elysées. The building has several...
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 160 sqm
An office rental with the possibility to welcome one or twelve workplaces, a meeting room that can welcome up to 30 people while providing all the necessary equipment to...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 95 sqm
The business centre offers fully furnished and equipped office suites, reception area, superfast internet connection, monitored 24 hours, cisco IP phone supported by a...
Object no.: 
20 sqm to 200 sqm
The rental period is adaptable to your needs: - One of your customers is visiting Paris? - You must make a meeting or training? You can rent an office or meeting room...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 150 sqm
The business centre is located on the 3rd floor and it has a suite of 90 equipped and cabled offices. It offers an extensive range of high quality offices facing either...
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 68 sqm
Save time by giving to the secretary you administrative tasks. Artisans, lawyers, doctors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, commercial, ... use the telephone...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 60 sqm
PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT: Enjoy a framework to suit you and your success: functional and elegant, these offices are perfectly suited to your business needs. They are...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 40 sqm
A shared space that grows with your business: you engage in renting your office, in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris. A total care (reception, mail, advanced...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 99 sqm
The business centre offers an equipped work space with desk, filing cabinet, executive chair, meeting chair and cupboard. Available office space from 10 to 99 m² with...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 110 sqm
This office centre adapt to your specific needs and budget and finds the appropriate solution. Equipped offices in a shared open-space, private and equipped office from...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 180 sqm
Occupying the entire 2000 m² modern building over 5 floors, the Boulogne-Billancourt business centre has a lovely garden. Detached 4-floor building built in the 80s -...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 50 sqm
Elegant offices, fully furnished and equipped with personal telephone with voicemail, internet and WIFI connection. The center's team accompanies you every day with...
Object no.: 
8 sqm to 12 sqm
The center exists since 1981 and is located in the heart of Paris in the 8th district, at the Coliseum center. Close to the Champs Elysees close , for a commercial...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 60 sqm
The 40 well-lit and spacious offices occupy the first and the second floors of a highly prestigious dressed stone building with modern amenities. The 300m² reception...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 85 sqm
The business centre offers a complete range of high quality services as long-term office rentals, short-term office rentals, meeting rooms rentals, headquarters business...
Object no.: 
15 sqm to 100 sqm
You want to enjoy a prestigious address and avoid the costs associated with traditional leasing of premises? Established for over 30 years, this business center is...
Object no.: 
11 sqm to 28 sqm
At 50 meters from the Place Vendome, this business center offers rental and bright, spacious offices, domiciliation of your company with a prestigious mailing address...
Object no.: 
The location of this center in the heart of Paris because of its space an ideal place for your appointments, meetings, trainings, presentations of your products, your...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 67 sqm
The business center offers a friendly framework, the newest and efficient office supplies and a large range of services. It welcomes all of your business needs and will...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 130 sqm
The business centre in Paris’ 16th Arrondissement is an elegant place, ideal for your offices. The business centre in Paris is the ideal place to rent serviced offices...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 48 sqm
The center of Versailles welcomes you in that framework reminds the quiet of the province, friendly and functional, close to everything and above your expectations.
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 90 sqm
The 40 well-lit and spacious offices occupy the first and the second floors of a highly prestigious dressed stone building with modern amenities. Some of the offices...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 60 sqm
The offices are fully furnished and equipped with modern technology and provide the perfect office space solution for start up companies. Meeting and conference rooms...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 250 sqm
This building built in the Haussmann style has been fully renovated in 2006 and is made up of 6 floors around a large interior courtyard, terraces and balconies with...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 76 sqm
The Paris Saint Cloud business centre is located on the 3 upper floors of a renovated building. With its 35 equipped offices and meeting rooms, the centre offers the...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 95 sqm
This business centre is located on the topmost floors of a fully restructured and renovated building, with an air-refresh system. It offers you 35 equipped offices, a...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 75 sqm
This business centre offers consumers meeting rooms, focus groups organisation, training sessions organisation, strategic comitee meeting rooms and business breakfast...
Object no.: 
11 sqm to 160 sqm
Located in a historic building combining tradition and the latest technologies, this Centre offers on 6 floors over 100 double glazed offices and 8 meeting rooms (up to...
Object no.: 
13 sqm to 35 sqm
You start a new business and want to test it without committing to renting an office? You want to develop your business in France or abroad? You travel often and do not...
Object no.: 
13 sqm to 95 sqm
This private mansion was fully renovated in 2006 and restructured in 1990 and contains six floors and two basement levels. It combines old-world charm with the...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 160 sqm
This office center unique atypical setting ensures that you’ll stand out from the crowd. More than just a post office box, your monthly subscription gives you access to...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 53 sqm
Created in 1986 to support companies in their development. This business center is specialized in commercial domiciliation, legal formalities and provision of serviced...
Object no.: 
10 sqm to 60 sqm
Bordering the Champs Elysees, close to the Etoile, get a unique working environment and an experienced team to help.
Object no.: 
12 sqm to 49 sqm
Created in 1986 to support companies in their development, This center is specialized in domiciliation ( virtual Offices ), legal formalities and provision of serviced...
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